Seams Systems have been providing industry specialised software systems since the early 1980’s. Our business is privately owned and managed by the owners. We operate from offices in Melbourne, where staff retention is a vital component of our success.

The emphasis in our business is on stability and technological advancement for our client base. Being able to implement incremental change is the cornerstone of successful IT systems and we strive to provide an environment where this can be achieved.

This is reflected in our choice of partners to provide solid and reliable foundations for our client ERP system development and support. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365 software and Trimit ERP are intertwined in a long-term development cycle that provides certainty for our clients. Microsoft and Trimit have been working together to achieve tight-knit integration between their product ranges for over 25 years.

Seams Systems are able to enhance this partnership with local industry knowledge to develop Australia specific extensions to meet the needs of our marketplace. Underpinning our service provision, some of our key staff members have several decades of experience working with our clients.