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Secure your business in the Seams safe zone

Selecting the right partner is a key challenge when it comes to business solutions. Finding the right technology platform is another.
What if you could get the best of both in one package?
You can.
What We Do

Seams Systems specialises in business solutions for Fashion & Apparel.

Seams Systems help you manage and grow your business. Built on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365, it enhances the world-leading ERP with the Trimit apparel software you need.
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Fashion ERP Software

Will Seams and Business Central fit my business?

Yes, it’s designed to. Whether you’re a wholesaler, retailer, manufacturer or a combination, we know from experience that TRIMIT software will make a difference to the performance of your business. We offer a business solution safe zone.

How do you benefit from this?
Leading edge software

Robust software developed by Microsoft and Trimit over decades is built to meet technological challenges for future decades

Customised to fit your business

Inherent flexibility of MS Business Central and Trimit Fashion allows us to customise your systems to meet all of your unique requirements

Business consultancy

We have worked with fashion and apparel management for decades. We understand your industry and can provide sound business process and management advice.

Industry knowledge

Unlike with most consultancies, you don’t need to explain your industry processes. We been involved with apparel manufacture, supply and retail for many, many years and we know how it works.

Feel confident about ERP

Our customers constantly benefit from our role as technology forerunners
You get to rest assured that your business solution will always give you maximum return on your investment and enable your organisation to do your daily work in an easier, more efficient way that leads to higher employee satisfaction, improved retention and higher productivity.

The people you want to work with

Our team of specialists are well grounded in your industry processes. We have been involved in fashion and apparel for several decades and have a detailed understanding of what you do and what you need for continued success.
We service clients all over Australia and overseas and work very closely with our developer partners in Europe.

Customers & Brands