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Integrate your retail outlets with your Seams Fashion ERP systems

Seams POS retail management is the perfect solution for your bricks and mortar stores, fully integrated with your Seams Fashion ERP system

Your elegant ‘in store’ facility

Seams POS registers provide an easy to use, intuitive tool for your retail staff. All popular payment types are managed and all integrated with EFTPOS for a single, seamless transaction.
Customise your loyalty scheme and share it with your online sales portal. Your customers can be easily found via multiple search options and their purchases and redemptions managed at any of your stores.
All of your products and prices are automatically synchronized with store registers and your stock is always up to date. Markdowns are pre-set at HQ and synchronised at a time/date of your choosing.
Use your Retail Dashboard to check sales progress and conduct inter store stock enquiries. Transfer stock between stores and back to HQ.

Head Office retail management

All of your data is managed in your Seams Fashion ERP system at HQ, meaning that store staff rarely need to make any decisions about prices or discounts. New products, price changes and stock are dynamically updated to ensure that store information is always up to date.
Replenishment is a breeze with multiple restocking options available. The replenishment process will automatically provide a transfer order based on your choice of method, which you can then review and amend before committing.
Your Seams Retail Dashboard provides detailed analytics on staff, store, sales and overall business unit performance. Your dashboard is available to view at any time from any device, including tablet or smartphone.

Seams System POS retail dashboard

What you get with Seams Vertical Solution


Intuitive, easy to use interface, fast transaction processing. Product image display, multiple products and customer search criteria. Wide-ranging security access to pricing/discount authorization. Stock search on stores/warehouses. All in one EFTPOS transactions with Afterpay, Openpay and other payment options. Manage layby’s and returns. Integrated rewards scheme with client customization. Easy stock transfer receipting. Partial, full or rolling stock take options.


Dynamic updating of new products, customers and changes with preset date/time activation. Real-time stock updates. Progressive markdowns based on a percentage or dollar amounts, preset with date/time activation. A wide range of replenishment options, based upon refill or model stock patterns, producing overnight recommended store transfer orders.


Daily sales as they happen in tabular and graphical representation. Drill down by store, staff member and sale value. Full set of analytics, including # new customers, % multi-product sales and budget/last year comparisons. An in-store dashboard provides home sales and other store stock search. Available for view on tablet or smartphone.


Loyalty scheme based upon points or dollar value. Customisable to include reward levels and redemption criteria. Reward accumulation and redemption can be done in any store and also on your shopping website. Full integration with managed ‘Endless Rewards’ schemes also available.


Fully secure settlement processes, with an accountable end of shift/day routines. All settlement data returned to Seams Fashion ERP and distributed to your financial accounting system in summary or detailed form. Sales data can be displayed in retail only and/or company consolidated format.