If I acquire Seams Fashion ERP software, can I still use my third party B2B sales order website?

Yes, we have completed integration projects with several third party sales ordering products. Talk to us about what you are using.

If I acquire Seams Fashion ERP software, can I still use my retail website?

Yes, your website is probably currently maintained via a Content Management System (CMS). We would need to work with your web developer to ensure that your web products, prices, stock and customers can be uploaded from Seams Fashion ERP and that order details are sent straight through to Seams for distribution. By eliminating manual processes and automating them, we can ensure that you don’t take orders for non-existent products and for out of stock items. You can always graduate to a fully integrated Seams Fashion website to obtain greater integration benefits at any time in the future.

Do I need an in-house server to manage my Seams Fashion ERP systems?

You can manage your systems on an in-house Windows server but you don’t have to. Seams Systems can provide you with a fully managed, secure hosted service. All you then need to do is to manage your in-house workstations, printers and internet connections locally.

Do I have to acquire all software up front?

No, you only need to acquire what you intent to use from the start, regardless of whether you purchase outright or take out a subscription contract.

What happens once we are running live?

You will have full access to the Seams Help Desk service. Normally, with a new implementation, we encourage clients to make direct calls to the Help Desk whilst your new systems and settling down and whilst your staff are getting to grips with new ways of doing things.

How do we changeover from our current systems?

This will be planned during the discovery phase. We will work out with you what existing data needs to be adjusted and loaded into Seams Fashion ERP and when this should be done. We will also take into account any third-party software services that may need to be integrated with your new systems. The changeover will usually be phased to keep your business disruption to a minimum. Your Client Manager will arrange for the availability of Seams Consultant staff at the point of a changeover to make sure the process runs smoothly.

What will my Seams Fashion implementation and training process cost?

This will be fully identified as part of your discovery program and can be firmed before you agree to proceed.

How long will my system implementation take?

This will depend on the discovery plan outcomes, your internal resource availability, your season production cycle and the degree of system customization identified. If you can fit into a more standard system implementation, the process can be completed within a few weeks.

How is my implementation process managed?

Your Client Manager will schedule sessions at your premises for system set up and configuration, data acquisition and training. The discovery plan will indicate mutually agreed dates for these sessions to be conducted. Throughout the process, progress will be monitored by your Client Manager in consultation with you. As you start to use software facilities, Seams Help Desk staff will be available to you to assist you develop familiarity with your new systems.

How is my system implementation planned?

The process starts with discovery. This is where we sit with you to learn all about your business processes, your requirements and your expectations. We run through Seams Fashion ERP software in detail and help you decide which configurations will best suit your business. From this, we jointly develop an implementation plan identifying resource requirements for both parties and set target dates for each phase.

Can I purchase my Seams Fashion ERP software licences outright?

Yes, unlike most subscription-based software, Seams gives you the additional option to purchase and own your licenses forever. This is the most economical way to acquire your licenses since your only recurring cost is your annual service contract to cover Help Desk and software update services. You can finance your acquisition via a commercial HP agreement which will allow you to choose the best repayment plan and still allow maximum tax deductibility.

Can I purchase my Seams Fashion ERP software on a subscription basis?

Yes, your software licences can be covered by a monthly subscription contract, with no upfront cost. The contract covers your licence fees Help Desk service and software updates. The minimum contract period is 24 months and renewable thereafter on a rolling monthly basis. Implementation and training fees are payable as the services are incurred.

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