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TRIMIT - The ultimate tool to grow your fashion and apparel business

TRIMIT is fully embedded into Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 365, one of the most popular business solutions in the world.

It is available cloud-based or as an on-premise solution. It offers full integration to Office365, PowerApps, and the rest of the Microsoft stack, making it an incredibly compelling total offering.

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Whether you produce your own fashion line, are a private label or contract manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, or retailer, TRIMIT comes with the functionality you need to support your business model. Even made-to-measure and custom orders, as well as services like logo placement and embroidery, are covered.


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CRM & Claims
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The backbone for success

We believe all fashion and apparel companies should work with business software developed for their industry.

Your brand deserves only the best, and TRIMIT already provides the backbone for many successful fashion and apparel brands. We would like you to join our community!


Product data management or also acknowledged as PDM is a system used to manage design data and engineering processes in one central location. PDM is the name of a function within Product lifecycle management or also known as PLM.

Some of the advantages of a PDM system are to track and manage all changes to product-related data, improve productivity through the reuse of product design data, and spend less time organizing and tracking design data because everything is visible and maintained in one system.

There is a long way from Australia to Bangladesh. Nevertheless, communication over long distances is the reality for most apparel and fashion companies, where the production often is outsourced to many locations around the world and in different design stages simultaneously.

While one product may be on the drawing board at headquarters, another may be going through the sewing machine in China. This puts pressure on the market-decided delivery times.

It is virtually impossible to make the right decisions at the right time without a good overview. With TRIMIT and the built-in Product Data Management (PDM) software, you get the overview you need.

TRIMIT minimizes the risk of errors, reduces the number of collection-samples, and helps to ensure production and quality along the way. This is possible because everyone in your organization has access to the same information. Even your suppliers with the web-based TRIMIT Supplier Portal have access to the latest information, regardless of their technological platform.

  • Create styles and variants with a wizard 
  • Category, brand, etc. 
  • Measurement Charts with version 
  • Bills of Materials 
  • Care Labels 
  • Workflow / Critical Path
  • Commenting samples 
  • Purchase prices 

Omnichannel Sales

Omnichannel selling is a multichannel approach to sales that focus on providing one unified customer experience no matter whether the client is shopping online on a mobile device, lap-top or in a bricks-and-mortar store.

It is not just about creating the best designs. You must also be the best to sell them. Your customers have a constant demand for new products, and they expect you to be visible in a variety of sales platforms – from physical stores to online stores and social media. This places high demands on you.

With TRIMIT, all people selling your products have a full overview of current and future products, bestsellers, delivery times, and prices. This applies whether we are talking about your vendors, agents or directly from the stores – TRIMIT supports them.

Via Seams Extensions, your TRIMIT solution provides seamlessly integrated webshops and portals. These support your brand image and give you a great way to sell and manage the products you already have in TRIMIT.

The consistency from design to shop in the same business software solution is unsurpassed.

  • Creating orders via matrix
  • Overview of available quantity in stock
  • Sale of assortments/boxes
  • Order types with different settings and rights
  • Integrated B2B Webshops
  • Integrated B2C Webshops. Online shopping solution for consumers


Any purchaser knows the challenge of getting materials home at the right time in the right numbers. Backorders and partial deliveries are part of everyday life and often very annoying not only for the purchasers, but for the rest of the organisation too. There also needs to be a focus on minimising or completely avoiding excess stock of raw materials and components. There are high demands for the optimisation of purchase arrangements. Changes in material requirements needs to be made available for purchase as early as possible.

TRIMIT helps you solve your challenges whether you are buying to stock or directly to work in progress. The system can – based on tenders – calculate your needs and gather your purchases across different sales orders.

TRIMIT is a flexible tool that facilitates the recording and processing of partial deliveries and backorders.

TRIMIT Supplier Portal helps you communicate all details with strategic suppliers correctly the first time, thus helping to ensure the proper delivery of the correct products on time.

  • Complete supplier directory 
  • Obtaining deals and offers 
  • Automatic shopping suggestions based on offers/sales or production 
  • Registration/scanning of purchase invoices 
  • Web-based supplier portal for shopping and communication 
  • EDI 
  • Statistics and supplier metrics 


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an obvious fit for a company with its own manufacturing department, given the many processes that must occur daily. ERP systems like TRIMIT increase organisational efficiency by managing and improving how a company’s resources are utilise.

Some of the benefits of ERP for manufacturing companies are process automation, risk mitigation, real-time reporting, the ability to quickly adapt to outside disruption, improving the supply chain, and providing better service to customers.   

Modern production often needs to be able to handle a large number of variants – completely according to customer-specific requirements. This often places heavy demands on the creation and maintenance of item numbers, bills of material (BOMs), and production management – whether production takes place locally or if you have outsourced production.

Costs must be kept to a minimum – at the same time, you need to meet high demands on flexibility and clarity.

TRIMIT is a software solution that ties production with order, purchaseinventory, customer service, finance, and reporting.

Whether you have local production or outsourced production, TRIMIT helps you maintain control, minimise costs and ensure vital flexibility.

  • Order, project and stock production 
  • Direct relation between sales and purchase order 
  • Variant Management 
  • Automatic creation of BOMs from order configuration 
  • Demand Planning – by MRP 
  • Capacity and Bottleneck management 
  • Tracking 
  • Document management, i.e., drawings and certificates 
  • Data Capture for shop floor 
  • Pre- and Post-calculation 
  • Generic BOMs 

Inventory & Logistics

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) inventory management is a system designed to manage all aspects of your business on ONE platform, including: inventory, finance, planning, logistics and operations. Trimit Inventory system provides real-time inventory information to all aspects of your organisation.

This is an important capability for businesses that plan to expand, have complex workflows or supply chains, need advanced automation, operate in “just in time” mode, sell many products or simply wish to maximise their investments in inventory.

Blue, purple, red or green. Short or long. The modern consumer demand variations and choices on all shelves. One of the biggest challenges for companies today is to keep track of the number of colours, sizes, styles, and materials.

TRIMIT gives you a quick overview of your inventory and logistics with a tailor-made software solution that meets your needs – also the places where you do things differently than others.

Keep track of everything from inventory, disposals, and the number of products available in all colours, sizes, and styles. All together quickly and efficiently, so you can spend your time on what you do best.

  • Registration of arrivals 
  • Add in stock 
  • Picking Lists 
  • Multiple locations/bins 
  • Management of consignment stock 
  • Web-based supplier portal with updates of delivery dates, delivery number and Communications 
  • Distribution of goods received for orders and customers 
  • Billing with shipping 
  • Overview of content in incoming and outgoing containers 
  • Optional integration with external warehouses, customs warehouses, handheld scanners, etc. 

CRM & Claims

Good service is important to get the order – but good after-sales service is the key to keep getting more orders. All your information is already in TRIMIT, so you can use the system as a foundation to serve your customers – whether it is to announce an expected delivery time or to handle a failed delivery.

TRIMIT gives you a constant and accurate overview of where the customer’s order is and when the customer can expect delivery.

TRIMIT has built functionality to handle returns and ensure timely response to this with the customer.

TRIMIT saves information about the causes and explanations for the return which can be used for statistical analysis, supplier follow-up, etc.

  • Returns and claims handling
    – Registration of causes and solutions
    – Statistics on returns and claims 
  • Queries
    – Orders
    – Invoices
    – Deliveries 
  • Web-based B2B Webshop for inquiries 

Finance & Accounting

Once you start using TRIMIT, you automatically bring all employees closer together. All input data using the same system, which means you have much easier access to information that is up to date.

Planning, management of your company’s financial resources, accounting, budgeting, risk management, purchasing, analysis and reporting are all standard tools in Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) and TRIMIT.

The software solution is localised for Australian commercial and statutory requirements and kept updated to our local conditions. You can also keep a close eye on critical banking activities and automate financial processes so you can make better business decisions.

With TRIMIT and BC, you get a role centre, which can be customised to your wishes and requirements. You can get all the relevant data presented directly in your personal role centre, for example selected KPIs, cash flow diagrams, etc. You get a fast overview of any deviations, and you can dive right into the numbers directly from the Role Centre.

  • Invoicing on truck loading 
  • Consolidated invoicing 
  • Advanced facilities around standard and variable cost prices 
  • Service charges 
  • Provision from purchase and sale (charges, freight, commission) 
  • Intercompany accounting (automation of trade between subsidiaries) 
  • Printouts of freight and export documents 
  • Invoicing via paper, EDI, and E-Mail.

Reporting & BI

In TRIMIT, there are a number of statistics and monitoring tools available that makes it possible to constantly keep abreast of important economic indicators and make ad hoc follow-up.

Your business software is highly flexible, and you can extract information when you need it. For example, you can get an overview of revenue performance in the latest quarter as an integrated part of your role centre – both in the core ERP system and via Seams extensions.

You go a long way with the default tools in your software solution. Integration between TRIMIT and Microsoft Office makes it easy to send information back and forth; for example, between TRIMIT and Microsoft Excel.

You can even complement your TRIMIT solution with reporting and business intelligence (BI) tools like Jet Reports or TARGIT Decision Suite for TRIMIT.

  • Standard reports included 
  • Advanced sales statistics 
  • Built-in report generator 
  • KPIs & Business Performance in the InSite Portal 
  • Integration with MS Excel 
  • Integration with BI tools 

Retail & Online

Seams Runway retail management and POS software provides a fully integrated retail store management system as part of your total ERP solution.

Seams Extensions provide the toolkit to incorporate your online B2B and B2C channels to give you seamless integration of inventory and sales data across your business.

Seams Runway tills enable staff to provide great service via quick and accurate transaction processes. Automated transfer receipting means stock availability can be reliably assured.

Up to date store stock and sales metrics are available to both Store and Head Office managers and staff, facilitating easy inventory placement and sales campaign decision-making.

Seams Extensions provide the glue to bring all of your online activities within your ERP systems framework. Your B2B customer orders and B2C retail orders are automatically uploaded to ERP and payment details accompany them to Business Central accounting.

Whether you use Trimit, Seams or third party websites such as Shopify, all of your up to date sales and inventory data is made available in both ERP and your websites in an automated fashion.

It’s horses for courses when it comes to choosing online platforms. Trimit provides integrated B2B and B2C website facilities as a whole of business solution. Seams Systems also develop fully integrated B2C websites for clients. Many other B2B and B2C platforms are available which can also be fully integrated with your ERP.

Whichever paths you choose, the great benefits of tight integration can be assured to keep your business competitive.