Legacy Systems

Seams software has been used for decades by Australian and Overseas businesses. Since 1982, we have been providing second and third generation systems to fashion and apparel companies, that are still in use today. Seams Systems continue to provide support and development services to those of our clients that wish to retain their legacy systems.

Our Legacy Software includes:

Fashion ERP Software

Seams Fashion ERP

First released in 1985, Seams Fashion ERP software has been the cornerstone of many successful Australian fashion and apparel companies for decades. Over time, Seams Fashion ERP has been enhanced and re-designed to meet the changing landscape of fashion manufacturing. Seams development has helped our clients met the challenges provided by offshore manufacturing, vertical business structuring and the introduction of online trading. Although major development on this product range has been curtailed, we still provide support and enhancement services to clients who wish to retain their legacy systems.

Point of sale Software

Seams POS retail management

The forerunner of Seams Runway, Seams POS provided a fully integrated retail management solution for our fashion and apparel clients. Point-of-sale terminals provided a fast process for store staff to record sales, discounts and customer information. Integration with Seams Fashion ERP ensures up to the minute stock and sales information at store and at Head Office.

Print ERP Software

Seams Print ERP

Like Seams Fashion, Seams Print ERP was developed back in the eighties. Seams Print provided a complete business management environment, where prospective job estimating and production costing and management was the key unique industry requirement. Seams Print catered for all types of print process from sheet-fed through continuous, adhesive labels, flexographic, screen printing and digital.