Seams Runway Retail Management

Seams Runway, your complete retail management system, fully integrated with your Trimit/BC ERP systems. Fast, easy to use store POS combined with stock planning and retail metrics to enable you to get the best results from your retail activities.

Connect to banking systems with ease

Seamless EFTPOS integration via TYRO and PC-EFTPOS provides fast reliable connections wherever your stores are located. e-mail receipts through Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365 and other mail systems.

E-mail Receipting

Streamline your Inventory Holdings

Runway Head Office management system (HQPOS), Helps manage your stock distribution to and between stores. It also provides metrics and analysis of sales performance and stock to help ensure the right balance of inventory throughout your business. You can also print barcode labels in-store for those situations that are unplanned.

Concentrate on the Customer

Seams Runway has a universal Customer database so that customer information is available at all stores. This means that credit vouchers can be redeemed at any store, regardless of where they were issued from. Flexible pricing and discounting matrices ensure that your sales staff can process sales without needing to make checks or do calculations.

Runway’s unique store-to-store inventory checks help you satisfy customer requests for that size or colour you don’t currently have in store.

Performance at your Fingertips

Seams Runway unique Retail Dashboard gives you up to the minute store performance details at store or Head Office. Live sales and stock holdings help you make timely business decisions